Business development. Develop, identify, support and monitoring business growth opportunities
•    Company evaluation
•    Market research
•    Business growth strategies
•    Investors & Finance funding 

Export Services. Getting your company ready for exporting
•    Export plan: regulations, operations, transportation

Project Management. Consultancy
•    Project study  & plan
•    Impact realization / business impact

Cross Cultural & Language. Training
•    Special Program: Spanish Speaking word  “business cultural training”
•    Technical, commercial translations 

International Events, Market Visit and Commercial Missions
•    Meetings and marketing campaigns online / offline
•    On-site support and follow-up
•    Special Thematic Trips: wineries, health

Healthcare. International opportunities for both providers and receptor of healthcare services are steadily growing. ilabis collaborates with relevant sector stakeholders as a catalyst of synergies. 

•    Medical Tourism
•    Healthcare Events


Investment. In a global market becoming increasingly delocalized any business activity has to choose the best resources wherever they are.  ilabis designs a strategy adapted to each customer’s profile.

•    Industrial Property
•    Vineyards and Wineries
•    Farmsteads and Rural Hotels 

Artisans & CreatorsEnterprises represent skilled manual workers who make handmade products. ilabis works in collaboration with institutions, and individuals who promote the full potential of the creator sector.

•    Natural cosmetics
•    Jewelry
•    Textile
•    Footwear

To be a valid alternative to obsolete business models, constantly improving and differentiating ourselves in terms of service, innovation and value added to clients. Our goal is to obtain measurable benefits for clients in our areas of excellence.


Building and maintaining long-term relationships. We treasure the long-term relationships we have with our clients. Therefore, we invest in a strategic understanding of each client’s business to exceed our clients’ expectations, to customize client desires and to anticipate their changing needs.

Passion for business. Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.

Collaboration. We work together to achieve collective and individual goals. We have our network in many countries around the world. 

is a in business consulting that was created with the aim of helping small and medium-sized enterprises  (SMEs) interested in developing, promoting, establishing and building up their business in foreign countries, but especially in Spanish speaking countries and Denmark. 

We stand out for our ability to perform in areas of competence for our differentiation and flexibility, and for our focus on entrepreneurial women.

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